Ready to stand up to Big Tobacco in your community?

Good! We’re here to help. No Limits Mini-Grants are available to Nebraska teens, like you, who are ready to roll up their sleeves and unite other like-minded youths to make a difference. There are three Mini-Grant options designed to fight the tobacco industry and its manipulative marketing tactics through activism. All Mini-Grant applicants should fit into the following categories:

  • Be 12–18 years old.
  • Be in grades 7–12.
  • Have one adult sponsor per activism group.

Lead the charge! You get the active role of planning, preparing and following through with activism event efforts. You’re also expected to complete your own grant application and fill out and submit your final report. With great responsibility comes great reward, and we trust that if you apply and are rewarded a Mini-Grant, you’ll shine in this leadership role.

The adult sponsor is required because youth applying for the grants are just that—minors. We are required (which means the youth awarded the Mini-Grant is as well) to have a dedicated adult sponsor be responsible for handling the grant money, turning in all receipts and overseeing youth during the activism activities.

Apply for your Mini-Grant below. Once your application is received and reviewed, we’ll follow up with you on your eligibility status. Thanks for being an awesome human being by taking a stand in your community!

Cigarette butts are the number one littered item in the U.S. and the world. Big tobacco has no interest in helping clean up these toxic toss-outs, nor do they plan on manufacturing a more environmentally-friendly product to help eliminate the costs of cleaning up the mess all this litter makes.

So, it’s up to us!

Lead Cigarette Butt Cleanup Efforts in Your Community

Get your butts in gear! This activism opportunity beautifies your community while fighting the tobacco industry’s neglectful production of toxic products producing harmful waste. Here’s what your cleanup toolkit contains:

  • Instructional Packet
  • Palm Cards (stack of 150)
  • Flags (bundle of 250)
  • Gloves (box of 100)
  • Trash Bags (roll of 10)
  • Hand Sanitizer (20 sticks)
Fill Out Your Cigarette Butt Cleanup Toolkit Application Here

Big Tobacco’s selling, but today’s youth isn’t buying into it. This is your opportunity to take on the industry where it hurts the most—smoke-free policies, tobacco prevention funding and tobacco price increases.

Lead Recruitment Efforts in Your Area

Be seen. Be heard. By leading a local recruitment charge, you’ll be at the forefront of the fight in your community. Recruiters help gather like-minded youth and organize guerrilla marketing efforts that you’ll implement together around town. And we’re available to help you every step of the way. Here’s what your recruitment toolkit contains:

  • Informational Packet
  • No Limits Banner
  • No Limits Stencil
  • No Limits T-Shirts (bundle of 10)
  • Palm Cards (stack 150)
  • No Limits Pens (bundle of 25)
Fill Out Your Recruitment Toolkit Application Here

There are tons of activism ideas out there—so feel free to do your own thing in your own community to rally youth together in the fight against Big Tobacco.

In order to be eligible for a No Limits Traditional (do your own thing) Mini-Grant, a group or individual must participate in a short, in-person training session. There is always training at the Activism Summit. If you missed that event, don’t worry; just reach out to the No Limits staff and we’ll come to you! The training is super simple, short and (bonus) totally free. So, get geared up to do some activism in your community!

Once you have been through training, you’re free to download and fill out an application. The No Limits staff will work with you to make sure everything is good to go and send you grant funds or supplies for your activism activities!