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No Limits is Nebraska’s youth-led tobacco prevention movement. We are about youth empowerment and social change. Our goal is to expose and oppose Big Tobacco’s manipulation. We educate people about the effects that the tobacco industry has on our most vulnerable populations. Through activism, teens across the state come together and minimize the tobacco industry’s influence in Nebraska. With your participation, we can work towards making us a healthier state!

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After joining No Limits, I have been able to make a greater impact than I thought possible. With the excellent leadership and excellent peers, communication, cooperation, and hard work, I am able to make a change in myself and in my community in a positive, accepting environment.


I really believe in the message we (No Limits) are making to the youth.


My time with No Limits has let me see what not just I can do, but what we as a youth can do to make a change and see a change.


No Limits is a great organization that I am proud to be a member of.


I really enjoy seeing the way No Limits affects Nebraska, and that we are helping get people involved.


No Limits has shown me that even the smallest bit of activism can have a big impact.


I have witnessed firsthand the addictive power of tobacco products. I have come to believe that no one should have to endure an addiction so powerful, so deadly, and so consuming. This is the single biggest reason joined No Limits.


I love how No Limits helps unite youth from all across the state to join together and fight for a common cause. We have really become a close-knit family.


No Limits has taught me so much about tobacco, leadership, and how to stand up for a cause you believe in. I have met lifelong friends and contacts through my work with No Limits, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


During my time with No Limits I have seen first-hand that we as youth can make a difference


No Limits allows me to make new friends who are also great leaders, who share the same passion for fighting Big Tobacco as I do.

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No Limits Beat: Issue #2 (December 2019)

No Limits Beat: Issue #2 (December 2019)

We Will Be Heard: Key Message Spotlight By: Rachel Waugh In this issue, we are highlighting our environmental impact's key message: Tobacco industries harm the environment, from the process of growing tobacco to the byproducts from the user. Lately, the fight for a...

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No Limits Youth Board Educates at Back to School Retreat

No Limits Youth Board Educates at Back to School Retreat

Each year, the Start Smart Retreat takes place at Kamp Kaleo where incoming seventh graders from multiple schools in the area participate in workshops over a variety of topics such as tobacco, alcohol and bullying. This year, Rosie Nelson, a senior at O’Neill High...

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No Limits Beat: Issue #2 (December 2019)

No Limits Beat: Issue #1 (September 2019)

Introducing the 2019 - 2020 No Limits Youth Board The 2019-2020 Youth Board leaders are veteran members Jacey Anderson and Elaina Riley, both of Auburn, Nebraska. They are joined by Lexus Ascencion (Grand Island), Kaylee Koch (Crofton), Anna Ready (Scribner), Shelby...

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"I didn’t have the chance to attend my first No Limits event until the end of my sophomore year, and I’m so glad I did. I quickly fell in love with the movement and even joined the Youth Board. I love being able to advocate for something I believe in along with other empowered youth all across Nebraska. No Limits truly gave me a platform and a voice, and the only regret I will ever have is not jumping on board quicker. No Limits means the world to me and I couldn’t be more grateful for all of the experiences." - Rosie (O'Neill High School)

Face the Facts Friday
We can do better and we will!

"I fell in love with No Limits in 7th grade and at first, I was doing it because my friends were but after the first event, I knew it was something I was so passionate about. No Limits is in my life for multiple reasons, some being tobacco has affected my life so much and I wanted to be educated about it so I could inform my family and friends. No Limits is so special and I’m so glad it got to be a part of my life for so many years!" - Kerri Hoesing, Hartington-Newcastle Public School

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"I love No Limits for several reasons, but the biggest is that it lets my voice be heard. It shares the message that 'We will be heard' , and that we as youth are worth listening to. We matter and we can make an impact. No Limits empowers not only me, but several among me to speak up against companies that are targeting us and using us for our money. We are worth more than our pocketbooks, and can create a positive difference in this world!"
- Kaylee Koch (Crofton Community School)

Nearly 9 in 10 (88.5%) African American smokers ages 12 and older use menthol cigarettes.
These numbers are unacceptable and our generation is here to change them!

Face the Facts Friday: According to the 2019 National Youth Tobacco Survey, the current cigarette smoking rate was 4% among African American high school students compared with 5.8% of all high schools.
The time to make a change is NOW!

Today kicks off our Senior Spotlight with Jacey!
"I love No Limits because it had given me the courage to stand up for myself and stand up for something I feel strongly for. No Limits had opened so many doors for me and helped keep improve and build my youth advocacy. The organization has introduced me to some of the most amazing people I can always count on. No Limits is a family that I will hold onto forever."

World No Tobacco Day
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Let's keep exposing big tobacco!
Don't forget- Sunday May 31, 2020 is World No Tobacco Day! We want to reach 100 or more participants to change their Facebook profile pic for 24 hours!