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Mini-Grant Toolkits

No Limits is excited to announce that we are changing up the mini-grants and will be offering “project-in-a-box” toolkits that include well-designed, tobacco prevention-focused materials that connect each group’s local efforts to the broader statewide No Limits movement. These toolkits will be launching soon, so please keep checking back for more details!

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What Youth Are Saying

I really enjoy seeing the way No Limits affects Nebraska, and that we are helping get people involved.
After joining No Limits, I have been able to make a greater impact than I thought possible. With the excellent leadership and excellent peers, communication, cooperation, and hard work, I am able to make a change in myself and in my community in a positive, accepting environment.
No Limits has shown me that even the smallest bit of activism can have a big impact.
I have witnessed firsthand the addictive power of tobacco products. I have come to believe that no one should have to endure an addiction so powerful, so deadly, and so consuming. This is the single biggest reason joined No Limits.
I love how No Limits helps unite youth from all across the state to join together and fight for a common cause. We have really become a close-knit family.
During my time with No Limits I have seen first-hand that we as youth can make a difference.
No Limits has taught me so much about tobacco, leadership, and how to stand up for a cause you believe in. I have met lifelong friends and contacts through my work with No Limits, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
No Limits is a great organization that I am proud to be a member of.
My time with No Limits has let me see what not just I can do, but what we as a youth can do to make a change and see a change.
I really believe in the message we (No Limits) are making to the youth.
No Limits allows me to make new friends who are also great leaders, who share the same passion for fighting Big Tobacco as I do.