Activism Toolkits

Join the fight by demonstrating the harmful effects of tobacco

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No Limits Tookits are packed with useful materials that will help you take a stand against Big Tobacco at your school, church, or local clubs.

You could hang posters in your school, contact local government officials, or take it to the streets. Activism takes many forms, and we can help you execute whatever it is you want to do. So check it out and become a force for change.

Celebrity Graveyard Toolkit

Hollywood has played a major role in glamorizing tobacco products, but that promotion has come at a cost. Create a graveyard for all the stars who died from tobacco-related diseases. The Marlboro Man, John Candy, Babe Ruth, John Wayne…the list goes on.

Lead Celebrity Graveyard Efforts Near You – All of the basics you will need to create your celebrity graveyard are included in this toolkit! You’ve taken the first step in making a difference in your community by requesting this toolkit to raise awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco. Your kit contains the following supplies to get you started:

  • Instructional packet
  • 10 pre-cut headstones
  • Headshots of celebrities
  • 150 palm cards
  • Glue sticks for gluing headshots to the tombstones
  • Sharpie markers
  • Teachers tape for hanging the tombstones on the wall

Cigarette Butt Cleanup Toolkit

Cigarette butts are the number one littered item in the U.S. and the world. Big tobacco has no interest in helping clean up these toxic toss-outs, nor do they plan on manufacturing a more environmentally-friendly product to help eliminate the costs of cleaning up the mess all this litter makes. So, it’s up to us!

Lead Cigarette Butt Cleanup Efforts in Your Community – Get your butts in gear! This activism opportunity beautifies your community while fighting the tobacco industry’s neglectful production of toxic products producing harmful waste. Here’s what your cleanup toolkit contains:

  • Instructional Packet
  • Palm Cards (stack of 150)
  • Flags (bundle of 250)
  • Gloves (box of 100)
  • Trash Bags (roll of 10)
  • Hand Sanitizer (20 sticks)

Recruitment Toolkit

Big Tobacco’s selling, but today’s youth isn’t buying into it. This is your opportunity to take on the industry where it hurts the most—smoke-free policies, tobacco prevention funding and tobacco price increases.

Lead Recruitment Efforts in Your Area – Be seen. Be heard. By leading a local recruitment charge, you’ll be at the forefront of the fight in your community. Recruiters help gather like-minded youth and organize guerrilla marketing efforts that you’ll implement together around town. And we’re available to help you every step of the way. Here’s what your recruitment toolkit contains:

  • Informational Packet
  • No Limits Banner
  • No Limits Stencil
  • No Limits T-Shirts (bundle of 10)
  • Palm Cards (stack 150)
  • No Limits Pens (bundle of 25)

Sugar-coated Lies Toolkit

Big Tobacco has a history of lying to the public and using manipulative marketing tactics to attract customers. An example of this is flavoring some of their products to market towards youth. While cigarettes aren’t allowed to be flavored, besides menthol, smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes come in fruity or candy flavors.

Lead Sugar-Coated Lies Efforts in Your Town – These sugar-coated lies aren’t fooling you. Take charge and help expose and oppose Big Tobacco’s manipulative marketing practices. Pass out candy with labels and palm cards that tell the truth about what Big Tobacco is really up to and what the flavors are masking in their products. Here is what your sugar-coated lies toolkit contains:

  • Informational Packet
  • Bag of Jolly Ranchers
  • Smokeless Tobacco Flavor Facts Palm Cards
  • E-cigarette Flavor Facts Palm Cards
  • Posters
  • Candy backers
  • Labels
  • Tape