March 14, 2017 – March 15, 2017 all-day
Kick Butts Day

Big Tobacco has a long history of deceiving the public, hiding the truth, and targeting youth with its marketing. It’s time to do something about that. Youth have the power to stop the tobacco industry from addicting another generation. Unite with other youth at the No Limits Kick Butts Day Rally and help expose Big Tobacco for being the same old dog using the same old tricks.

Kick Butts Day gives you the opportunity to share how you feel about this with your representatives, as well as make a statement. Come learn how to educate and empower Nebraska youth and state senators. Both individuals and groups are welcome.

Here’s a quick summary:

When:                Tuesday evening through Wednesday morning , March 14–15, 2017

Where:               First Christian Church (430 S. 16th Street)

Cost:                   FREE (transportation, meals, *lodging provided)
                            *Lodging may not be available for youth who live in Lincoln

We’re looking for Nebraska youth who:

  • Are 12–17 years old in grades 7–12.
  • Want to find out the truth behind Big Tobacco’s lies.
  • Are willing to take action against tobacco in their community and state.

Do you need a group or sponsor?
Both individuals and groups are welcome. A group sponsor is encouraged, but not required.

Questions? You can reach us at:

Phone:            1.866.394.8336

Email:               info@NoLimitsNebraska.com



Click here if you live outside Lincoln

Click here if you live in Lincoln

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