No Limits is fortunate to offer an exciting opportunity to our active youth. No Limits is a youth-led group that’s all about taking a stand against Big Tobacco, and this opportunity allows youth to take the fight straight to the source. We will be working with a group called the New York Reality Check who shares our mission to educate and empower youth to seize control of the fight against Big Tobacco. This is an opportunity for the best of the best No Limits youth to travel to Richmond, Virginia and attend the Philip Morris shareholder meeting. Up to four youth will be able to attend this event, where they will get to address corporate tobacco executives and their shareholders. Some advocates will have the ability to use proxy tickets to actually go inside the shareholder meeting and make comments/ask questions. Other youth will participate in the activism outside the meeting venue.



Here’s a quick summary:
When: May 15–17, 2018*
Where: Richmond, VA
Why: A training for advocates will be on May 16. Advocates will receive information on the latest tactics being employed by the industry and practice their statements for inside the meeting.
Cost: FREE!

*May also be staying overnight on May 14*


We are looking for Nebraska youth who:

  • Are active in their No Limits group
  • Are 14–18 years old in grades 9-12
  • Want to find out the truth behind Big Tobacco’s lies
  • Want to learn invaluable skills planning and executing an advocacy event
  • Are willing to share this experience with other teens and do a project to raise awareness
    about the tobacco industry’s marketing tactics and empower teens to get involved

Completed applications must be received by April 20, 2018 to be considered. If phone interviews are necessary, they will be April 23—24. Information packets will be sent out by April 27.

Questions? You can reach us at:
Phone:                      1.866.394.8336
Email :